Teardown Gallery


Inspired by the Todd McLellan’s Things Come Apart and EEVBlog’s Teardown Tuesdays, I have also started my journey in taking things apart and learning how stuff works around me.

There are so many stuff around us that are very well-designed and we just take for granted. These designs are done so well that user manual’s are often unnecessary and unbreakable in 99.99% conditions. By taking things apart around us, it allows me to appreciate the designers thoughts in achieving a very user-friendly and cost-effective design.

For example, the Kenwood Toaster I took apart has only 3 buttons, 1 knob and 1 slider for control, which makes it super easy to use. The electronics are all very simple, which makes it very cost-effective. There is a nice tray below the toaster, which most people ignore, that collects all the toast bits to avoid a mess and allows user to throw them away once in a while.

Hope you will enjoy them and start appreciating designs around your daily life! :)


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Kenwood Toaster   Korg_CA_30_Tuner_Front