I am engineer, who loves making things (both software and hardware). And hope to use this website to share with you my work. Hope you will enjoy the projects! :)

Cameron Lai’s Website Logo


The website logo includes a capacitor and inductor that forms a LC resonance circuit. According to Wikipedia, resonance occurs at a specific frequency that a given system can oscillate at a greater amplitude. Away from the resonance frequency, the system will oscillate at a lower amplitude.

The concept can be linked to our lives. Everyone is actually finding their own resonance frequency. Some find them very early in their lives and stay at that frequency to achieve success in their life. Some will never find them in their lives and live a normal life as most people. Have you found your own resonance frequency?

I am always trying find my own resonance frequency and believe that this means trying to balance work, life and everything else. It may be true that we may never find our true resonance frequency. However, if we are able to get slightly closer to it, then we can be more productive and achieve more our limited lives.