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Want to make something special with a 3D printer for your friend Then, font3d will be a great tool for you. You can use the web interface to generate a 3D STL file with any text you want. In the background, there is a script that runs the Open SCAD commands and builds the 3D STL file for you. The STL file is then ready to be printed on your 3D printer, which you can tweak the dimensions and pick your filament colour.


Currently, only upper case letters, numbers 0-9 and spaces are supported. In addition, one basic font type is provided. Hope you will enjoy using font3d for 3D printing. :)

Actual font3d print
Actual font3d print

Migration from Django to Static Website + REST API

The first implementation was done in 2015 and the website was converted from a Django app to a static website built with Vue JS as part of the “Zero Server Cost” initiative.

One major difference is the backend was originally running on a VM within Digital Ocean. The updated version runs in Google Cloud Run with container technology. I had to use Cloud Run here because of the OpenSCAD dependency. If you check the source code, then you’ll see the installation the dependencies in the Docker File, including OpenSCAD.

Another major difference is the use of Github pages for hosting and a separate VM for hosting the backend API, which is still in Python. The frontend is changed to Vue JS, which I have been using for most of my projects. This leads to a lower server cost and makes everything easier to maintain.

Hope you will enjoy the generating 3D files with this web app! :)