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As smart phone gets more powerful, the more time we spend using them for communication, entertainment and tons of things. Sometimes, I just ask myself how much time I’m spending on my device. Am I simply overusing it and ignoring people and interesting things around me? There are a number of apps online that already do the same thing. However, a number of them needs to continuously run in the background in order to record data. and this usually reduces battery life. Since Android API level 21 (Lollipop release), the Google team has added a new API called android.app.usage. This API extracts usage statistics that are recorded at lower level software, and therefore, it is much more battery efficient. That’s why I built this Android application, to help you monitor your behaviour with your phone. It monitors your usage across 3 time periods, daily, weekly and monthly. You can download the app from the Github release page and try it out. Hope you will enjoy using it and discover how much time you actually spend on your phone. With that piece of information in hand, it’s still your choice how to spend your time. :)

Phonehaviour v1.0 Screenshot on Nexus 4
Phonehaviour v1.0 Screenshot on Nexus 4